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Wetsuit - Neil Pryde's Multisport

Neil Pryde's semidry women's full wetsuit. Perfect for cool water play, including surfing, windsurfing and waterskiing.
Clearing our inventory of in stock Dry Tops and Dry Pants, Paddles, Sprayskirts, and Wetsuits.

Call us at Tel. 401-619-0072.

Sprayskirts - Immersion Research's womens whitewater sprayskirt

Terry's biker knickers, great for fall cycling.

Bags - Sherpani's Lumbar Day Hiker


offering sailing, kayaking, biking, surfing, windsurfing, climbing, skiing, and snowboarding gear.
Our specialty is women's sport equipment and athletic gear. Our focus is on women's involvement in extreme sports such as kayaking, sailing, biking, surfing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, parachuting, hang gliding, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

In order to find the best performance equipment, we look for manufacturers that are committed to producing quality women's gear. The type of women's equipment we specialize in includes women's sailing gearwomen's sailing gear such as foulweather gear, women's kayaking equipment such as women's drysuits and drytops, women's surfing gear such as women's surfboards and wetsuits, and women's biking equipment such as bikes for women and women's bike shorts.

Most sporting stores carry very few pieces of women's equipment. Additionally, most sales personnel are unfamiliar with the differences between men's and women's equipment. SheGear finds products that address the physical differences between the sexes. For example, we offer kayaking paddles with a narrower paddle shaft for women's smaller hands. Most kayakers don't know this option is available.

For women's sailing gear, only one manufacturer makes foulweather gear for women, Douglas Gill. This is the same for kayaking drysuits and drytops, only one manufacturer makes women's drysuits and drytops, Kokatat.

However, SheGear is more than just an online catalog. It's a women's sporting community. In addition to offering hard to find equipment, SheGear provides a full range of information and resources. SheGear provides the basics of each sport: what you need for your first time out, when should you consider buying equipment, where to get lessons, associations, travel information, women's events, and equipment.

SheGear is committed to promoting women's involvement in sports. We feel strongly that athletic women are more self-assured, confident, and healthy. We regularly organize women's sporting events. To date, we have organized hang gliding, sailing, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, biking, and scuba diving events, with many more to come.

Our goal is to identify the best water sports equipment and sporting gear available and offer it online. SheGear achieves this by creating an online community where women share their equipment experience and preferences. On the web site you'll find a round up of gear designed for women and the top equipment manufacturers. By building a community of active women, together we'll be able influence the manufacturers to invest in better women's sports equipment designs.


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