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Like skiing, comfort is key to your enjoyment of the sport. This means warmth and movement. Your equipment must fit right. Boots that are too tight and don't fit well will eventually hurt you and send you off the slopes. A good thing about snowboarding is that the boots are typically more comfortable than ski boots, they are more like a snow/hiking boot.

These boots should hold your foot snugly and keep your heel in place. As in most boots, you don't want too much room for your toes, and you don't want your toes up against the front of the boot. The boots should be lightweight and waterproof. Some provide an inner tongue that adds extra padding for your shins.

You also want to make sure the boot doesn't hang over the side of the board. If you catch your toe or heal, it'll send you flying. Choose the shortest boot length without giving up comfort.


Snowboarding is also a good excuse to wear roomy, comfortable skiwear. Snow bunny skiwear just does not cut it when you're carving a "big arch" or "catching air". Most of the "ski bunny" wear just isn't rugged enough either. The key is layering, using a tough waterproof and breathable outer layer and thermal inner layers. A good jacket should have a venting system to let out the heat when you begin to work up a sweat. Never wear cotton for an inner layer in skiing and snowboarding. It absorbs perspiration. Keeping you wet and cold.


They make special snowboarding gloves that are tougher with a thick palm layer that prevents ripping.


Eye protection against UV rays is mandatory, and winter is the worst time having the added reflection off the snow and the direct sun light. There are days when sunglasses just aren't enough. Goggles also protect your eyes from the wind and snow.


Most manufacturers have at least one model of woman's board. This is a significant increase from last year, and there will be more next year. Women's boards are usually shorter, more flexible and have a narrower waist (more of an hour glass shape). This allows for easier heel to toe transition. However, some of the more aggressive female snowboarders are using longer and stiffer boards that provide more speed and stability.

The women's designs are still young. Very few designers are taking into account the difference in weight distribution between men and women. Snowboarding requires getting your weight over the front of the board in initiate a turn. This is more difficult for women because of their lower center of gravity.

Snowboard Manufacturers

Burton Snowboards
Burton, Vermont, USA.
Tel. 1-800-881-3138
Web site:
Burton Snowboards

Gnu Snowboards, USA
Web site:
GNU Snowboards

Tel. 714-457-8181

K2 Snowboards
19215 Vashon Hwy. SW
Vashon Island, WA 98070
Tel. USA 1-800-666-2579
Europe 49-8821-72224
Web site:

K2 Snowboards

Morrow, USA
Tel. 1-800-667-7693
Web site:

Morrow Snowboards

Ride Snowboards
Web site:

Ride Snowboards

Rossignol Snowboards, USA
P.O. Box 298, Williston, Vermont 05495
Canada- 955 rue André Liné
Granby, Quebec J2J 1J6, Canada
Web site:

Rossignol Snowboards

Snowboarding Gear

The Gerry Group
2955 80th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Tel. 1-800-934-3779
Web site:

Patagonia, USA
Tel. 1-800-patagonia
Web site:
Patagonia USA

Prom Snowboarding Apparel, USA
Tel. 1-800-900-7924
Web site:
Prom Snowboards

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