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About SheGear - offering Women's Sports Equipment

Know Your Body, Find Your Strength,
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Women are seeking ways to get in touch with not only their bodies but their minds too. Sports require both a strong body and mind. More than ever women are choosing more difficult sports that are typically male dominated. It's not a burning-bra issue, but a way for women to challenge themselves. The movement has grown steadily achieving milestones like Title IX:, equal funding for girls interscholastic and collegiate athletic programs. However the majority of the equipment available to women is still designed for men. If you're pushing your sport to the limit, you need high performance equipment that is designed for you.

SheGear's goal is to identify the best women's equipment available for extreme sports. SheGear achieves this by creating an online community where women share their equipment experience and preferences. On the web site you'll find a round up of equipment designed for women and the top equipment manufacturers. In addition to equipment, SheGear provides the basics of each sport: what you need for your first time out, when should you consider buying equipment, where to get lessons, associations, travel information and women's events. By building a community of active women, together we'll be able influence the manufacturers to invest in the production of women's designs.

Keep in mind, just because a product says it's for women, it doesn't mean it was designed for all the physical differences between the sexes. Female branded equipment has been around for a while. Women's models are usually smaller, lighter and "pink". This only makes it designed for small men. The biggest difference between men and women is a woman's lower center of gravity. On equipment like snowboards, skis, and mountain bikes this can make a big difference.

SheGear is interested in your opinion. If you know of equipment that has worked well for you, or if you have ideas on other information that should be covered, we'd like to hear about it. Please send us your gear tips and comments to


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