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Sailing Event

All Girls Sailing Team

Photo 1

The core team from left to right, Mary, Danielle, Donna, Emily, SallyAnne, and Carrie. Our 1998 season brought lots of awards and smiles.

Photo 2

In the spring of 1998 a group of 16 sailors from the New York area headed down to Antigua for the Antigua Sailing Week, an international regatta. The Girls Team was part of this group.

Photo 3

We chartered a Benateau 510. Great boat even with our group size. Of course we didn't all stay on the boat.
Photo 4

SallyAnne working the main sail.

Photo 5

Carrie working the jib trim. Such concentration!

Photo 6

Competition got really stiff when we moved on to Sunfish. Here SallyAnne and Danielle are taking the lifts along the beach. Or, maybe just getting a good look at the boys on the beach!

Photo 7

Ok, Antigua wasn't just sailing. We did manage a bit of fun. Most of the group made it to our crew dinner.

Photo 8

The Girls Team did manage a quick photo shoot and a drink to celebrate a great regatta.

Photo 9

Our regular season includes sailing off the World Financial Center in New York City. Here the girls just returned from taking a 2nd place in the Bruce Hagen Cup.


In March 1999 the team headed down to St. Maarten to compete in the Heineken Cup. This time we only went with the core team.


The first few days were spent getting familiar with the boat. Practice included sailing back and forth between St. Maarten and St. Barts. Tough life!


There was lots of preping to be done and days working on the boat. The team after a day of work.


For the race we chartered a Sigma 42 from Bermuda Mark. The team was very lucky in getting a great boat with a wonderful captain and first-mate. They also aided us with finding an additional team member. Bermuda Lisa instantly became a key member of the team and a great friend. Here is our Heineken Cup women's team.


After 5 days of practice and working on the boat, the racing began. True to the Caribbean we always had a good breeze.


As usual in these big races, most of our starting sequence was spent just keeping out of the way of bigger yachts. That can be tricky with 300 boats in the starting area.


Here we are preparing for our second race of the day. Most of the races were courses around the island, which were quite long. Our race days didn't end until late in the day.


With most of our team experience is on smaller boats. The Sigma proved to be quite a challenge. Here we are preparing for a spinnaker jibe.


This is not only a great photo, but we are leading our main competitor. Always nice to have that in print.


Good byes are always hard. We did manage a quick Caribe at the bar and a team photo. Our extended crew included Captain Mark (aka Mark 1), first-mate Mark 2, our welcoming committee Francis and Nicolas and the girls, Danielle, Donna, Emily, Lisa, Mary, SallyAnne, and Carrie.

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