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Hang Gliding Event

Hang Gliding Demo Day

Hosted by SheGear and Sky High Hang Gliding
May 16, 1998, Red Wing Airport, New Jersey

The first Hang Gliding Demo Day was held on May 16, 1998, and was a tremendous success. It was a beautiful day and a new experience and adventure for all. The day was such a success that SheGear and Sky High Hang Gliding have continued to offer demo days. Look for more hang gliding demos in the Spring.

Our instructor, Bill Umstattd, is a certified US Hang Gliding Association Instructor and has been teaching since 1984. The tandem flight is a tow, so no jumping off a cliff. Sorry for those of you who like extreme excitement.

Photo 1

Hooking up the hang glider for the first flight.
The glider is towed up to 2500 feet by an ultralight plane.

Photo 2

Our ultralight pilot waiting patiently for us to get into position.

Photo 3

Anne hooking in for her first flight.
Photo 4

Sherry and instructor Bill about to hook in.

Photo 5

Cindy in position for take-off, and a quick double-check of equipment.

Photo 6

Cindy rolling down the runway.

Photo 7

Cindy's up, up and away!

Photo 8

Diane at lift off.

Photo 9

Sherry just after lift off, slowly gaining altitude.

Photo 10

Michael, our token male, making his way up to the clouds.

Photo 11

The first early morning flight.
Carrie about 100 feet off the ground in tow to 2500 feet.

Photo 12

Anne, Sherry and Cindy discussing flying techniques.
Anne taking wind speed and direction measurements.

Photo 13

Diane prepared for flight.

Photo 14

Your fearless leader, Carrie, looking like
some kind of super-hero insect.

Photo 15

Melanie after a successful flight.

Photo 16

Cindy returning from an exhilarating first flight.

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