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Kayaking Event

Sea Kayaking in the
San Juan Islands

Organized by Outdoor Oydessy
Web site:

September 1998,
San Juan Islands, Washington

The 5 day Eagles and Orcas tour. We left from Small Pox Bay on San Juan Island headed to Stuart Island. After Stuart Island we went to Jones Island and then back to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor. The first three days were perfect, sunshine and calm, crystal clear water. Almost mesmerizing. The first day we put some distance on stopping at a couple of beautiful beaches for rest and nourishment. The second day we quietly investigated Stuart Island's shoreline, paddling around the island and spying on its wild inhabitants. The third day we explored inland and found an open clearing to watch the boat and occasional sea animal go by. Also a perfect place for an afternoon nap, which most took advantage of. The fourth day lived things up with a little rain, some wind and a 2-mile crossing. It added just enough adventure to the trip. And of course, because it's the Northwest, we all had plenty of rain gear. As we pulled into that evening's campsite on Jones Island, several small deer came to greet us. Ok, they actually came for food. The last day was a paddle back to San Juan Island with a lunch brake on the beach. Then it was time to dismantle and head on our way.

The most amazing part of the trip was a night paddle. There was no moon, causing every star to shine twice as bright. As you paddled the water would light up with bioluminescence. You could hear the lapping of the water against the boat and at a distance against the rocks. Of course everyone once in a while you'd hear laughter from one of the boats. It was an incredible light show and a magical experience. No one wanted to come it. We were all like little children splashing the water to make it light up.

This trip was a trip for everyone. The boats weren't too tippy. No one went swimming. There were plenty of brakes, and the place wasn't grueling. It made for an adventurous yet relaxing vacation. All in all it was an incredible trip. The guides were wonderful, food was great, scenery beautiful and the camaraderie was amazing. A memorable experience. For a real taste check out the photos.

Photo 1

Packing the boats and preparing to depart. It's amazing what fits in those little boats!

Photo 2

Within the first two hours we came to this point. The promise of an incredible trip ahead.

Photo 3

Our first crossing leaving San Juan Island and heading to Stuart Island.
Photo 4

Second morning, heading out to circumnavigate Stuart Island.

Photo 5

Marilyn and Jim taking a Kodak moment.

Photo 6

Visiting neighbors.

Photo 7

Feeding time for a large Blue Herron.

Photo 8

A reef of kelp protected most of the coast line of Stuart Island.

Photo 9

Offering a ride to one of the locals.

Photo 10

Stuart Island look out.

Photo 11

Another beautiful day!

Photo 12

Bambi checking out our camp on Jones Island.

Photo 13

Gear Girl, Carrie, ready for another day and another adventure.

Photo 14

Our guide Jeff in the early morning fog.

Photo 15

The whole gang, and what a gang it was.

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