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Sailors Emma Richards on Pindar and Thierry Dubois on Solidaires waiting for something to happen


Class 1 leader Bernard Stamm is looking over his shoulder. Itís hard not to when you are running a tight rope between ideal conditions and the possibility of getting trapped in a high pressure system, and your competition is bearing down on you waiting for you to make a mistake. This mornings report discussed the perils of cutting too close to the South Atlantic High; this afternoon Stamm checked in with his thoughts. "I am keeping the pressure on and sailing as hard as I can to get south as quick as I can," he reported. "I realize that at any moment this high pressure system could change itís mind and capture me. For now it looks like itís heading for the Indian Ocean and I have to take advantage of that, but itís risky business. My strategy is to sail as fast as I can to get south where the chances of getting caught are less."

Bernard has the most to lose because he will be the first boat affected by any sudden movement of the high. His nearest competition, Emma Richards on Pindar and Thierry Dubois on Solidaires, are just waiting for something to happen. Duboisís strategy has always been to push his opponents as hard as he can and wait for them to falter. Thatís when he makes his move. Until now the two boats ahead of him, Bobst Group/Armor Lux and Pindar have been sailed flawlessly, not leaving a gap for the wily Frenchman. The vagaries of the high might just change that.

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