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Portable Kayaking "Hole"


The Confluence Watersports Wave Box is the world's first portable whitewater hole, a custom pool with an ingenious pump that simulates a turbulent Class III/IV pour-over style hydraulic.

This is the first time a whitewater feature has been simulated in a man-made portable pool, enabling the extreme aspect of the sport to be highlighted. The Wave Box can showcase Wave Sport's world champion athletes performing cartwheels, loops and split wheels to people who might never otherwise be exposed to any aspect of the sport. Plus, the Wave Box can also be used as a flat water pool, and beginners of any age can get in a boat (i.e. sea kayak, canoe or whitewater kayak) at any of the Wave Box events.

"This type of project is what paddling has needed. Lack of access has limited the number of play boating participants to people who live within driving distance of a good river," describes Confluence Watersports VP of Sales and Marketing, Kelley Woolsey. "We believe the Wave Box will increase the visibility of paddle sports at events such as boat shows and festivals and then at the next level with events such as the X games and Gravity Games. We think the Wave Box will show people that paddle sports can be enjoyed by everyone, not just adrenaline starved whitewater paddlers. Once the sport gets exposure at this level, the possibilities are endless."

At 32-feet long, 17-feet wide and five feet deep, the Wave Box can be set up almost anywhere. It holds 22,000 gallons of water and weighs nearly 189,000 pounds when full. The Confluence Watersports Wave Box will travel with world-class paddlers from Team Wave Sport including current World Champion paddler Eric Jackson. Additional plans call for a Wave Box in Canada and Europe within a year.

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