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Women's Volvo Sailing Team Take Fourth in File Leg


Fourth place on leg nine of the Volvo Ocean race for the women of Amer Sports Too. A credible third overall for the men of Amer Sports One. Two good results. A great end to the Volvo Ocean Race.

The crew of Amer Sports Too, after 32,000 nautical miles of tough ocean racing, had earned the respect of the male competitors, but a finish up the leader board had eluded them. Skipper Lisa McDonald went to the start at Gothenburg on Saturday afternoon with a top three placing in her sights.

Conditions would be kind to the women. A light breeze and running or reaching which would make the vo60 yacht far less physically demanding. A top three placing eluded Lisa, but fourth place was a pleasing end to the ocean marathon which took nine months to race.

Lisa said, “I think it was a nice way to finish for the team because we always knew we had it in us. We’ve fought lots of battles and dramas on the high seas. We had little time to prepare and all of the issues that went along with that.

“We’ve worked really hard on our crew work and our communications, and manoeuvring of the boat and our working with the sail programme, and I think that has started to pay off for us. It’s just a pity we haven’t got a few more legs.”

Standings - final leg:
1. djuice, 15:42 GMT;
2. illbruck 16:17 GMT;
3. Assa Aboy, 18:13 GMT;
4. Amer Sports Too, 18:18 GMT
5. Amer Sports One, 18:19 GMT;
6. SEB, 20:01 GMT;
7. Tyco, 21:27 GMT;
8. News Corp, 22:11 GMT.

1. illbruck Challenge, 61 pts;
2. Assa Abloy, 55;
3. Amer Sports One, 44;
4. Team Tyco, 42;
5. Team News Corp, 41;
6. djuice, 33;
7. Team SEB, 32;
8. Amer Sports Too, 16.

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