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Marie Bjorling wins the Swedish Match Cup Women's Class


From the cliffs of Marstrand, in beaming sunshine, some ten thousand people witnessed Marie Björling beating the reigning champion since the beginning in 1999 - Dorte O. Jensen from Denmark - in the final of the Swedish Match Cup Women's Class. With three wins over Dorte's single one, it was not even a close call. Marie sailed in a very convincing manner not only in the final flights, but during the entire day, "It felt really good out there on the course today. All the maneuvers went perfectly, we were really alert and made few mistakes. It feels just great to be the first Swede to win in Marstrand", says Marie enthusiastically, all wet with the champagne splashed over her by her crew and other congratulators.

Already in the morning it became clear that Marie was on a winning streak, when she beat Malin Millbourn of KSSS in Stockholm by two straight wins in the semi-finals. Dorte O. Jensen did the same thing to her chosen semi-final opponent, American Betsy Alison, whom she chose after having won the Round Robin. Marie then started the final in a formidable way with two convincing wins before Dorte was able to strike back. Dorte then made a false start in the fourth flight and Marie was able to get a lead that she maintained and increased all the way to the finish line. Accompanied by cheers and applause from the cliffs Marie crossed the finish line almost half a minute before Dorte, "We have been training and racing a lot this year, raising our "lowest level" significantly. Then the wins are sure to follow, and of course I am delighted this happened here in Marstrand", says Marie.

As the winner in the Swedish Match Cup Women's Class, Marie Björling is offered a starting slot in the ADT Women's Match Race Championship, October 12-15, in Bermuda. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club is arranging this regatta which is also the qualification round for the ADT Gold Cup, October 12-20. Malin Millbourne took the third place in the Swedish Match Cup Women's Class, after having beaten Betsy Alison in two straight matches.

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