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Hangliding - Hang gliding is flying by means of strapping yourself to large kite-like wings

Parachuting - Parachuting is where you jump out of an airplane at roughly fifteen-hundred feet with a special back pack that, when triggered, releases a large sail wich slows your descent so that you fall at a safe speed all the way to the ground

Climbing - Climbing comes is many forms. "City" climbing (not to be confused with scaling buildings) or climbing an indoor wall is the most common form

Mountain Biking - Mountain Biking is a form of biking where you ride up and down a mountain trail, using a special form of bike equiped with shocks

Skiing - Skiing is a winter sport where you strap a ski to each foot and use them to slide down a snow covered slope

Snowboarding - Snowboarding is the same concept of skiing accept that you only have one "board" that is strapped to both feet

Kayaking - A Kayak is a one man boat where you sit in the middle and use a double sided paddle to control and propel the craft

Sailing - Sailing is when you use a small to medium sized boat, powered by a sail, and simply spend time on the water

Scuba Diving - When Scuba Diving you strap a metal airtank on your back and swim underneath the water.

Sea Kayaking - Sea Kayaking is the same general idea as Kayaking, however a sea kayak is designed for wide open water instead of fast paced rivers 

Surfing - Surfing is a sport where you use a long foam board to catch the current of an ocean wave.

Windsurfing - Windsurfing is a form of surfing where you have a single sail fixed to your board and are propelled by wind instead of current 

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